Who is Digital hamza and How he starts.

Digital hamza is the seo,smm, and branding expert in pakistan. In short, he is the best digital marketing expert in pakistan. If you want to digital hamza information. Then In the article, I will provide you with a digital hamza bio.

After this article, you will get all biography about digital hamza, and his all social media profiles and platforms. Where he provides services and lectures.

Basic Information

The original name of digital hamza is “Hamza Asghar’ and he was born in Gujrat, Pakistan on 31 march 2001. The age of digital hamza is 22 years. The education of digitalhamza is intermediate.

How does he start? in 2015 a friend of digitalhamza told him. He makes 1$ on 100 views on youtube. After that talk, his mind was triggered, and he starts researching these things

Full name: Hamza Asghar

Age: 22 years

Languages: English. Urdu, and Punjabi but he prefers Punjabi to talk with anyone.

Address: Gujrat, Punjab, Pakistan


In terms of education, he is a brilliant student. He took the first position in every class from KG to 8th standard. 

In 9th he took biology because before 9 he has a dream to become a doctor. But in 9th his interest changed and then after 10th, He started focusing on digital marketing and online-related stuff.

But between 2016 to 2020, he was done some medical-related courses, like Lab tech and DHMS. Also, he has 5 years of experience as a lab technologist. 

With this education, he also gets a lot of certifications related to digital marketing courses like Google garage course, Digiskills, and many more courses. 

Digital Hamza online journey

2016 is the year when he starts his first youtube channel TSB. on this channel he gains 60k subs within 1.5 years.

But unfortunately, TSB was terminated after 3 copyright strikes. Because of copy-paste content. After 2 months of TSB, he starts a new channel called SCT Whatsapp status.

But like TSB, SCT Whatsapp status is also banned. This incident made digitalhamza disappointed. So he left youtube and starts learning other ways to make money online.

After some time he finds blogging, Which excites him and he learns blogging. But With learning, he starts his first blog in 2018 named TSB.com.

TSB website helps him to understand the core thing and also with TSB he learns SEO, Article writing, and many more skills.

From 2018 to 2020 he works on blogging and mastering SEO skills. At that point, he gains a lot of knowledge and earns a good amount of money.

Digitalhamza told me he earns 1000$ per month easily from that sites. 

How Digital Hamza Build

After gaining experience and knowledge he decides to start his own brand name. Then in August 2020, he build his own personal brand name called digitalhamza.

Digital hamza Regularly uploads content related to SEO, Blogging, and Article writing on his social media handles.

Also, he uploaded free courses on his youtube channel related to SEO, SMM, and blogging. So if you want to learn blogging, SEO, and digital marketing-related stuff.

So go on youtube and search digitalhamza you get his channel and learn from him. At this point, he has enough audience base on all social media pages.

But unfortunately, he can’t upload videos regular basis. Because his main work is blogging and he gives his full time and energy to blogging.

What He does at this time

In 2023 he currently works on various projects, Some of his projects doing well, and some of the projects are ongoing.

He told me in 2022 he also start working with clients. Digital Hamza provides SEO, SMM, and personal branding-related Services.

Also, he teaches students in institutes in his own area. Most students of digital hamza earn a handsome amount of money online.

How much he earns: Almost 1000 to 2000$ per month from blogging.

Digital hamza Contact info

  1. Website: digitalhamza.com
  2. Instagram: Digitalhamza
  3. Tiktok: Digitalhamza
  4. Youtube: Digitalhamza
  5. Twitter: digitalhamza
  6. Facebook: Digitalhamza
  7. Emails: admin@digitalhamza.com
  8. Mobile Number: 03106493029

Some Important Tips from Him

If you want to be successful in the online field. Then I will give you some tips that he will tell everyone. Who is willing to earn online money? 

  1. Don’t pay anyone: The first tip is don’t pay anyone to learn anything. Because he told Youtube and google helps you to learn everything that you want to learn. Don’t buy any course or any type of material to learn anything. Digitalhamza learns everything online free of cost. For that reason, he motivates everyone to learn online.
  2.  Select a field according to your interest: There are a lot of ways to make money online like blogging, freelancing, vlogging, and e-commerce. So according to him choose a field that you like don’t choose any skill or any field for money. 
  3. Skills he recommends: He recommends only passive skills. He says to choose that skills where you don’t need to invest your energy to find a lot of customers. Just one or two customers and you earn every month. 

Some quotes by Digital hamza That I like

If you are a seo Expert, Then you are the king of the digital marketing field.

Online Feild is not a 100 meter race, Its long merathone

Today is not your day, But one day its your day

So I hope you will get enough knowledge and your question about who is digital hamza was cleared.

DH founder of FamousBio

Who is Digital hamza and How he starts.

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